Apple Mac Service Center in Phuket


Apple MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini install and setup by Apple Mac Service Center in Phuket

Apple Mac Setup

You've just switched to Apple Mac and/or bought a new iMac, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini or Mac Pro. You need some help to set it up, know all about it, features, performance... You want to transfer data between your iPhone and your Mac… Don't worry, can be really easy with our help and coaching

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Upgrade my Apple MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro or Mac Mini with RAM, memory, Hard Drive, SSD or update my Mac to Mavericks in Phuket

Apple Mac Upgrade

Your Mac is not recent and you feel it's becoming slower to boot, start applications, switch from one to another, read mails, files, etc… iPhoto is too slow to use. You lose speed and efficiency, not convenient for you. Your Mac is NOT dead. It just need to be UPGRADED to recover all its performance and more...

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Support, Repair, Troubleshoot and Fix my Apple Macbook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro or Mac Mini in Phuket

Mac Repair and Fix

May happen your Apple Macintosh doesn’t start anymore, has a flashing folder at boot, had some coffee, coke or liquid spilled on it, has strange lines on the screen, is restarting randomly or has its superdrive not working anymore...

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Apple Mac XServe Mac Mini Mavericks Server setup and management in Phuket

Mac Os X Mavericks Server

You need to share folders, exchange files and access documents on Macs and Pcs. You need to upgrade or migrate to Mac Os X Mavericks Server, centralize contacts, calendar and mail data. We are expert Apple Mac Os X Certified Technicians. Feel free to call us

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Apple Mac Files and Folders rescue, Hard Drive Recovery and Backup Solutions in Phuket - Time Machine - Time Capsule

Data Recovery & Backup Solutions

You are looking for a reliable backup solution for your Mac. You lost your data and you think ..... All is lost. Call our technician. He will recover your data and/or will propose you a backup system the most adapted to your needs. Avoid stress, opt for a backup system now

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Apple Mac Training Center in Phuket - iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Mac Os X Mavericks Client and Server

Apple Mac Trainings

Mac OS X Mavericks is the Rolls of computer Operating Systems. From basic course to advanced course, you will learn more about its technology richness and user-friendliness. We will identify your needs and will implement a dedicated training. Mac Os X Mavericks Server, Linux and Mac software trainings are also available.

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1000 THB : Apple Mac Service diagnostic

After any Diagnostic, you will get a quotation.
If quotation is accepted, Diagnostic becomes free of charge.

1300 THB : An hour On-Site Support Service in Phuket
If the Technician has to spend more than an hour On-Site, he may have to fix the Mac at the Office and give you a quotation.

For any learning need, please Contact Us
For any Support Contract need, please Contact Us
For any Data Recovery Service, please Contact Us


Apple Mac Experts in Phuket, Thailand

Apple Mac Experts

Manage iOs Devices and Mac Computers (with PCs) in a business environment is a full Job. Unexperienced and unskilled staff being responsible for your computer network and data may cause data loss or simply stop your business activity. A big risk and money loss. Avoid such bad experience. Trust our 10 years experienced Apple Mac experts to secure your business. Your best investment…

Apple Mac Repair Shop in Phuket, Thailand

Web Hosting

Web Hosting is the key for making your Website on-line accessible by every Web user, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Are you technical enough to choose the right Server, DataCenter location, Operating System, Firewall, Softwares and more... for your WebSite?…

Apple Mac Service Center in Phuket, Thailand

Network Architect

Servers, Computers and Network Devices are a huge investment for a company and a capital choice for development. Network infrastructure design is a complex task too. Better refer to wise advice of IT specialists before this capital spending. Phuket My Mac staff provides technical expertise to small and medium companies (SMEs and SMBs) for building their Network. Call us for an Audit!…

Apple Training Center in Phuket, Thailand

Apple Mac Training

Having been trainers for more than 5 years in an Apple Authorized Training Center, we are able to fit customers requirements and levels to make training a success. We can coach you in both Mac Os X Mavericks Desktop and Server but also GNU Linux (Debian, uBuntu and RedHat). Call us of a training…

Network Security Engineering in Phuket

Network Security Engineer

Every company connected on internet is vulnerable and can be hacked from any computer. A lot of Wi-Fi networks are still unsecured and can allow malicious web users to access your network, stealing your data or accessing paedophile website leading to you. A Serious Danger. Your Website can be hacked and become inaccessible for days. Network Security is a priority. Call us for an Audit!…

Web Architect and Designer in Phuket, Thailand

Web Designer

With Websites like The White House or The Economist, Drupal is now the most commonly used CMS for business and individuals. It is a perfectly flexible and stable CMS, with a huge modules capacity, strong SEO capabilities and more... Partnerships with "Phuket Web House", Drupal experts and Web Designers in Phuket , we will help you to become a trendy website on internet…


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We are a small team and most of the time all our technicians are out of the office to visit customers

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