Free Estimate!

We’ll give you an idea of what’s wrong with your device while you wait

While other shops will ask you to leave the machine and will call you back once their diagnostic is done, we’ll open the machine in front of you and give you a quick estimate of the repair cost while you wait.

Our storefront is designed to allow you to see what we’re doing and make it convenient for us to do a quick diagnostic in front of you.

Let’s take the example of a MacBook not starting up…
We’ll start by removing the back cover, unplugging the battery and connecting our charger. If the MacBook starts, then there is most likely an issue with the battery.
If not, we’ll take the motherboard out of the computer case and plug it to our charger. A working motherboard should start up with only the charger connected.
If the motherboard turns on, there is a high probability that another part is causing the problem, part that we have in stock so a possible repair in front of you.
If the motherboard does not turn on, then it’s time to think about a motherboard repair and so we’ll ask you to leave the machine with us if you accept our repair quotation.

Having parts in stock allows us to swap most of the parts fast and solve some simple problems like a bad trackpad, charger board or battery while you wait.
A computer shop, not specialized in Mac, would not be able to stock parts as we do.
There would be too many parts to stock as there are too many brands and models obviously and it would not make sense.

Now, let’s be honest, there are some cases where you’ll have to leave the machine with us, especially when it comes to random issues like “My MacBook will sometimes turn on and sometimes not”.
In order to find what is causing such problem, we will have to spend time on it and test it.
That way, we want to make sure we were right with our repair as it is sometimes not obvious.