Free Estimate on MacBooks!

We’ll give you an idea of what’s wrong with your device while you wait

While other shops will ask you to leave your MacBook and will call you back once their diagnostic is done, we’ll open the MacBook in front of you and give you a quick estimate of the repair cost while you wait.

Our storefront is designed to allow you to see what we’re doing during the quick assessment done at your arrival while you are sitting comfortably.

We stock most of the MacBook parts to help us be quick doing repairs.
We kept track of the most common needed parts that we have to have in the past.
Unlike computer shops, not specialized in Mac repairs, we can keep a good stock of all the most demanded Mac parts, not being overwhelmed with other brands and all the different models.
It would take them much more time just to do a simple diagnostic, simply because they have to wait for parts to be delivered, hoping they’ve ordered the right one…
You need a lot of parts to do a quick diagnostic as swapping parts with known good ones helps a lot in a diagnostic process.

Regarding iMacs, with models which came in 2012 and after, using the Retina display, putting them back together requires to buy a genuine Apple tape set which has a cost.
It also requires some more time and effort to work on these, so we’ve set a diagnostic fee of 1700THB per iMac.

There will also be a diagnostic fee for Mac Pros as parts are expensive and we rarely comme across them in our shop. Therefore we do not stock parts for 2019 models for example and so it makes the diagnostic a longer and expensive process.
We might actually recommend customers to go to Apple if they have the 2019 MacPro.
Apple have the tools and parts available to diagnose these models in a timely manner.

Regarding MacMini, diagnostic is also free of charge.