There are 3 qualities
that distinguish us from competitors

1. We PROVIDE a comprehensive experience

We are not just an average computer repair shop who swap parts.

Of course we do parts replacements like swapping batteries, trackpads, keyboards, screens, etc…
We do it fast as we stock parts and for a very competitive price.
But that doesn’t end here fortunately…

We are also specialized in macOS, the operating system.

A Mac is a Mac because of its operating system, macOS (Mac OS X) which runs only on a Mac. It’s 90% of what makes your experience so great with your Apple computer. And that’s where we excel at troubleshooting.

Most of our competitors won’t feel comfortable troubleshooting a software glitch and will, without asking, prefer to wipe your drive and install a new system rather than trying to fix the problem. We’ve heard so many horror stories from customers who end up coming to us because they’ve lost their data during a previous repair… family pictures, mails, etc… all gone!

Language barrier maybe… that won’t happen with us.

Something we’ve learnt from experience is that in many cases, data matters more than the computer itself, especially in the enterprise world .

With us, your data is safe!
We’ll always make sure you have an up-to-date backup done before proceeding with the repair. And if it’s not the case, we’ll ask you to do it for you if your data matters.
That way, if anything goes wrong while trying to recover your corrupted system which can happen after a software upgrade for example, we’ll have your files safe and will be able to restore them later on. That includes your mails, software preferences like bookmarks, calendars, addresses book, etc…

Last but not least, we repair motherboards in house. While Apple won’t and always provide you an expensive repair bill to swap the motherboard, even if just a few components went bad. We, on the other end, will replace them and fix the board at component level to divide the repair cost by 2 or more.

2. Certified specialist

In fairness, being certified isn’t always what makes you better than someone else. But it proves that you are capable.

I, the business owner, started working with Macs back in 2005 when I was hired by a company with the AASP agreement (Authorized Apple Service Provider). I rapidly had to pass some Apple certifications for Mac as it was required by my company to apply for this agreement. Back then our customers were mainly on the Mac ecosystem and had Apple Servers running on XServe or MacPro. These were connected to dozens of Mac workstations. Back then I was the main technician and was sent to solve any issues our customers were experiencing with their I.T. From that experience, I quickly gain confidence realizing I was able to troubleshoot complex network environments running on Mac and loved it.

That’s all that experience that I have tried to pass on to my team at Phuket My Mac, and continue to do so every single day, to make your experience with Apple products a much better one. As our reviews can tell, we have succeeded so far in providing one of the best quality of service you will find in Thailand. We strive to be the best at what we do and help small to medium size businesses focus on what they are best at, without focusing on their I.T which they have no interested in or have no time to deal with.

3. We go above and beyond

We strive to be the best at our field.

In our industry, you always have to adapt and not be afraid of learning new stuffs. What would take 10 years in other industries to be developed, takes a year in our industry. We must not rely solely on our achievements. We have to keep our hears open and be ready to dive into learning new stuffs if it makes us more competitive or better at what we are doing, no matter what.

But that’s ok because we still love what we do. We are still happy to go to work and solve problems or repair stuffs that would otherwise end up in a landfill. We love to get better at what we do, working more efficiently. We love to see satisfaction on our customer’s face when we go above and beyond to provide them with answers to any of their questions.

Last but not least, we stand by our work and provide a 6 months warranty with our repairs while our competitors usually provide 3 months or less.

What people say

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