We PROVIDE a comprehensive experience

With our 15 years of experience working with Macs, we can proudly say:

We are macOS specialists (the Apple Mac Operating System).
And so we can troubleshoot the system itself when it’s freezing while loading as well as any application which is critical for you like your favorite Mail app.

We stock the most common failing parts.
And so we are already starting the repair while our competitors are just ordering parts, waiting for these to be delivered.

We do in house Motherboard (mainboard) repairs.
That’s a service that Apple doesn’t even provide. Instead they’ll replace the entire board which now comes with your data, meaning they even won’t save your information while charging you half of the price of the machine.

We care about your data
We won’t be wiping your data accidentally. We will also do all we can to recover your data if necessary.
We provide data recovery services on MacBook motherboards which have soldered on flash drives, a service that Apple does not provide.

We provide Mac trainings on-site
Because of a lack of man power currently, we can’t provide on-site services at the moment.
Under some circumptances, we may do a remote assistance, if it’s an urgent matter.

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