Logicboard Repair


What is a logicboard?

A logicboard is the core of any Apple’s computer. It’s also called a motherboard in the PC world.
On Apple’s computers, the logicboard is the circuit board (PCB) that is hosting all the logic (brain functions) of a Mac, like its processor.
In the most recent models of MacBook, the logicboard also incorporates the RAM and the storage.
That has to say on how those circuit board have became expensive over time. These are the most expensive parts in a MacBook for example.

Can a logicboard be repaired?


With the right spare parts and a lot of experience, there is a high success rate.
In the worth cases, like an heavy liquid damage, a logicboard repair might not be worth it because the damages are so bad that the repair might not last.
In this case, we won’t recommend you the repair option and simply give you an alternative like a refurbished at the best rate possible.

How long does it take to repair a logicboard?

We stock spare parts and donor boards so that we don’t have to keep you waiting while ordering those parts.
The time we keep your machine is the time we’ll be spending on the device to actually repair it.
We usually gives ourselves a day to see if the repair is doable or not and how long it might take to repair it.
That allows us to give you, the next day, a good estimate on the repair time frame.

Very often, the repair option takes less time than if we would have to order another logicboard from our supplier in Bangkok (2 days)
In summary, that makes the logicboard repair service the cheapest and fastest repair option.

Is the repair going to last?

If we advise you to repair the logicboard, then it’s because we believe it’s going to.
In some cases, like in a serious liquid damage accident or if the logicboard is too rusty and old, we will advise you to either replace it with a refurbished model or get another machine.
We provide a 6 months warranty with our repairs.
That’s a proof that we stand by our work!

How much cost a logicboard repair?

Have a look underneath.
Logicboard repairs have flat rates and are only charged if successful.
In case we can’t fix your logicboard, you won’t be charged even if we have spent numerous hours on it so no risks for you.


Rates for our logicboard repair services

# Models Price Infos
1 2008-2012 MacBook Pros 13″/15″ (Non Retina)

2010-2014 MacBook Airs 11″/13″ (Non Retina)

2012-2014 MacBook Pros 13″/15″ (Retina)

5000THB Older models have parts scarcity. High repair rate. Quick repair turn around time, 1-2 days in average.
2 2015-2017 MacBook Airs 11″/13″ (Non Retina)

2015 MacBook Pros 13″/15″(Retina)

2015-2017 MacBook 12″ (Retina)

7000THB Very common models. High repair rate.
Quick repair turn around time, 1-2 days in average.
3 2016-2017 MacBook Pros 13″ (w/o  Touchbar)

2016-2017 MacBook Pros 13″ (Touchbar)

2016-2017 MacBook Pros 15″ (Touchbar)

9000THB Slightly more complex models. Parts and donor boards are more expensive.
Quick repair turn around time, 1-2 days average.
4 2018-2020 MacBook Pros 13″ (Touchbar)

2018-2020 MacBook Pros 15″ (Touchbar)

11000THB Even more complex models. Parts and donor boards are also even more expensive and sometimes even not available.
Quick repair turn around time, up to 3 days average.