Mac Software installation


You need a system or software update?

You’ve waited too long to update macOS and are now unable to start Skype or play youtube videos.
You’re system is constantly asking you to update to the newer version but you don’t feel like it, being scared losing your data or making things worth.
You have some software that you would like us to install.

We’re here to help you with these matters.
We can provide an installation service on the spot in certain cases.

Our rates

Our software installation rates

# Service Price Features
1 macOS installation or update 1000THB Data backup will be done before proceeding with the upgrade
2 Software installation 1000THB You need help installing the Adobe Creative Cloud, the Microsoft Office Suite, Final Cut Pro X, etc…
3 Virus and malware scan + anti-malware installation 1000THB We’ll get rid of any unwanted software hiding in your Mac and will install a software to prevent those from coming back