Apple MacBook Retina, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini install and setup by Apple Mac Service Center in Phuket

Apple Mac Setup

You've just got yourself a new iMac or MacBook and you need help to set it up? You need your Mac to be synchronized with your iPhone and iPad but you are scared to do it wrong? You want to transfer the Data from your old Mac to the new one, without losing any file during the process? Let us do it for you! We are professionals and have years of experience. With us, everything will be done right without any surprise at the end.

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Upgrade Apple MacBook Retina 12, MacBook Pro Retina, iMac, MacPro, MacMini with RAM, memory, Hard Drive, SSD or update my Mac to Mojave in Phuket

Apple Mac Upgrades

Your iMac or MacBook is getting older and it feels too slow? Applications take time to start and loading Apple Photos or Apple Mail takes for ever? You are running low on disk space and would need an extra storage capacity? The older your Mac is, the more upgradable it is. So visit us to add some extra RAM or storage capacity to make your Mac responsive and great again!

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Support, Repair, Troubleshoot or Fix any Apple Macbook Pro Retina, iMac, MacPro or MacMini in Phuket

Apple Mac Repairs

Your MacBook is not turning on, is freezing, restarting randomly, had liquid spilled, has a flashing folder, has some non working keys, a faulty trackpad or has a cracked or black screen? Apple recommend you to get a new Mac? It is repairable! Just bring it in for a diagnostic and you will get it fixed in a short time frame and for the best price in Phuket!

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Apple Mac XServe Mac Mini Mojave Server setup, support and troubleshooting in Phuket

macOS Mojave Server Support

You have a few Macs in your office, with some PCs too, and your data is spread all over the computers? You are afraid to lose your company data? You need to have access to every files without having to ask someone's computer access? macOS Server can help you centralize the information and share it with all the computers, restricting some folders to some specific users. Having the information on a single machine also ease the back-up process and will assure that your data will be safe. We will help you design your Server. Call us for a free Audit to design your macOS Server

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Apple Mac Files and Folders rescue, Hard Drive Recovery and Backup Solutions in Phuket - Time Machine - Time Capsule

Data Recovery & Backup Solutions

Not having a Time Machine backup running on your Mac is like not having a motorbike insurance... The day you have an accident you will more than regret it. The cost of a backup solution is so cheap compared to the cost of losing your personal informations like family pictures or even days of work... the one who already have experienced it know how painful it is... Setting up Time Machine on your iMac or MacBook is very simple and works so well, it is an absolute necessity. Different backup storage solutions exist so feel free to come to discuss it with us to find the best one for your needs. In case you've lost your Data already, stop using your device and bring it to us for a check-up.

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Apple Mac Training Center in Phuket - iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop, macOS Mojave Client and Server

Apple Mac Training Classes

Having a powerful tool like a MacBook or an iPhone is a great start to gain productivity. However lacking knowledge and skills may quickly slows you down in your daily use. Fortunately we provide group or private classes in Thalang area. Group classes are provided during the Saturday mornings in a nice place with coffee served. Please follow our FaceBook page for schedules or just ask us! Private class can be booked in advance and done at your place. The skills you will learn goes from the basics of using a Mac (searching for files or emails) to how to properly synchronize your pictures, contacts, calendars and more using iCloud.

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Apple MacBook Pro Retina Logicboard repair and fix in Phuket

Apple Mac Logicboard repair

Your Apple Logicboard is dead and Apple gave you a repair bill of 20 000 bahts or more? Contact Us first and we will fix your MacBook, iMac or Mac Mini Logicboard for a flat and much cheaper rate (Please check our rates). It doesn't make sense to replace a whole motherboard if only a few components are failing. We stand by our job and that's why we can provide a 6 months

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On-site IT support for Small Business in Phuket

On-site IT Support Small Business

You have a small business in Phuket and have a few Apple Macs at your office which should be checked-up. No time for you to bring them in and not convenient. We can come to your place to check them for you on site. Also we provide a free check up if you have 4 Macs or more. Once the check up is done, we will provide you with a report on what needs to be done and the cost. We move around all Phuket. Contact us for more details.

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Ship your MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini to our shop in Phuket

Mail it in!

You are staying in Ko Lanta, Krabi, Ko Samui, Khao Lak, Ko Yao, Phang Nga, Khao Sok, Ranong, Chumphon, Ko Pha Ngan, Ko Tao, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Surat Thani, Hat Yai, Satun... We can help! With our partner, "Kerry Express", you can safely mail your Mac in. We'll guide you through the process. Others have done it with no hassle. You can even check our reviews, customers were pleased by the repair time and the professionalism.

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Apple Mac Diagnostic in Phuket Mac Service diagnostic: Free of charge!
After any Diagnostic, you will get a quotation.

Apple Mac Electronic repair in Phuket Logicboard (motherboard) repair in house for iMac, MacBook or Mac Mini: 7,000THB-11,000THB depending on the model
We provide a 6 months warranty with our repair and will only charge you if repair is a success
We have a high rate of success even in the worth cases like liquid damages. We do our repair in an average time of 3 days.

Apple Mac Support in Phuket On-Site Support Service (1 hour): 2,300 bahts
Temporarily unavailable
We do on-site support service under certain conditions so please Contact Us regarding your needs

Apple Mac Training course in Phuket For any learning/teaching need in your office, we charge 1,700 bahts per hour.
Each additional hour is charged 1000 bahts.

Apple Support Contract in Phuket For any Support Contract, Server installation, Consulting needs, please Contact Us

Apple Mac Data Recovery in Phuket For a Data Recovery Service, please Contact Us


Mac Laptop Repair specialists in Phuket, Thailand

Mac Repair Specialists

From the component level repair on the MacBook logicboard (reworking the laptop motherboard) to a simple keyboard replacement, we can repair any MacBook, MacBook Pro Retina, MacBook Air as well as any iMac and MacMini. We have the professional tools, the knowledge and the experience as well as many parts in stock for most common Mac models seen in Phuket, Thailand. We are able to do thorough repairs in a quick turnaround time for a cheaper price than our competitors…

macOS and iOS Experts in Phuket, Thailand

macOS and iOS Experts

Syncing your iOS Devices with your MacBook can be a real challenge. Mostly advanced Mac user can succeed in tweaking their Mac however they may also create annoying issues during the process. Fortunately we are here to help you get the best of your MacBook, iMac. Back in 2004, we got our first Apple macOS certification. Since then, we have felt in love with the Apple Mac operating system. We are now considered experts in our field from all the experience we've gained throughout our professional background from which you can benefit by visiting us.

macOS and iOS Trainers in Phuket, Thailand

macOS and iOS Trainers

For us being good macOS trainers is essential. It means mastering our subjects as well as being able to talk to an audience who is not computer literate. Fortunately, after years of experience, we became pretty good at it to the point that not only we provide individual macOS training to our customers but also group classes to a diversified audience. These Mac group classes in Phuket were a success and much more dates are to come so stay tuned and check our FB page.

Apple Mac Server Experts in Phuket, Thailand

macOS Server Experts

In 2004, we became Apple macOS Server certified technicians. During those 14 years, we have been installing and supporting numerous of macOS Server installation back in France and here in Thailand, which have made us became experts in the field. When it comes to centralizing your company data on a single machine which is your macOS Server, you need that Server to be set up by the most experienced and skilled technicians available on the Phuket island... whom we are.





Business hours:

Monday - Friday: 10am - 5pm
Saturday - Sunday: Appointment only


Address: 9/369 Moo 6 Thanon Vichit Songkram, Kathu, Kathu District, 83120 Phuket

About us:

We are a team of Thaïs and Foreigners and we believe we are the best UNauthorized MacBook and Mac Repair center in Phuket!
You may not believe us and if that's the case, we encourage you to check our customer Reviews and the ones from our competitors...

Being UNauthorized is our advantage as it gives us all the flexibility an AASP would not have...
And how do you benefit from that you're asking? Well think about it... Faster turn around time and electronic repair done in house (motherboard rework). You won't find that with the Geniuses at the Apple Store...

In our stores, you will be in touch with a skilled and experienced technician on both Mac and macOS (15 years so far with, back in the day, Desktop and Server Apple certifications).
Our staff will give you a quick insight on what is going on with your Mac.
Even, he might be able to troubleshoot the problem within a few minutes. With software issues, we take less than an hour average to fix these... experience makes all the difference.

Last but not least, with us your Data are safe and won't disappear after the repair...

Our average repair time is 3 days, 1 day for the diagnostic and 2 days for ordering parts if not in stock, the next day if in stock!

And in case it is impossible for you to stay without your computer, we may be able to provide a Mac during the repair.

One important thing is: We do NOT fix iPhones, iPads or iPods.
We are Mac specialists only, not a general Apple shop.
That said, we our experts in iCloud and recommend you or teach you how to use your iPhone, iPad in conjunction with your Mac to get the best out of iCloud. No more "I don't understand what iCloud does" or "Are my pictures synchronise or backed up in the cloud?"