MacBook Pro Retina, anti-reflection coating peels for some users

anti-reflection coating peels

anti-reflection coating peels

Pro Retina MacBooks have been the most enjoyable Apple laptops since their release. However, these machines are hit by a big problem : the anti-reflection coating peels.

Indeed, The anti-reflection coating peels on these laptops. As you can see in the picture above, it left an horrible mark on the computer, and shreds that left. Some users reported that this happened even if after following Apple’s instructions on how to take care of their Retina’s screens.

The causes of this deterioration are multiple.¬†Friction of the screen on the trackpad and keyboard, use of a cleaning product poorly supported by the coating …

Thus, consumers has done several petitions and a dedicated site for affected users which has permitted to be heard. This phenomenon is named “Staingate”.

These users have received mixed responses from Apple. While some owners covered under a one-year limited warranty or an AppleCare Protection Plan have been able to get their notebook repaired through the Genius Bar for no charge, others have been told that cosmetic damage is not covered under warranty. They were offered to have their notebooks repaired for a service charge costing hundreds of dollars.

An unofficial website called “Staingate” has launched where affected users can join a database and submit photos of the display coating wearing off on their MacBook Pro.

Since then the famous brand was not slow to move. Macrumors announced that Apple would replace all screens with the appearance gradient.

Finally, Apple has recognized the problem. According to MacRumors who could consult an internal note, the manufacturer will replace defective Retina displays, free of charge. This program covers Retina’s MacBook and MacBook Pro up to three years after purchase, or one year after purchase from October 16. 2015.

Also, users who have made repairs at their own expense may request reimbursement of the transaction from AppleCare. Those who are still suffering from that issue can go to authorized Apple Service Center.

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