How to protect your Mac against Malwares?

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Mac against Malwares

Mac against Malwares

How to protect your MacBook against Malwares?

First, it seems important to understand what is a Malware… “Malware, short for malicious software, is any software used to disrupt computer or mobile operations, gather sensitive information, gain access to private computer systems, or display unwanted advertising.” wikipedia says.

There are different types of malwares including spyware, adware, viruse, trojan, worm, rootkit, Ransomware, and browser hijacker.

How to prevent getting malwares on my Mac?

On a Mac known as “safe”, Apple uses features to protect macOS, the heart of your computer, against malwares…

Since OS X Mountain Lion, Apple prevents any unknown Apps to be installed on the Mac that wasn’t first verified by there system. These Apps will only be available through the AppStore. This is called “Gatekeeper“. Basically, you won’t be allowed to install an App that you’ve downloaded from the internet unless you know how to disable that feature. This can be annoying for advanced users who know what they’re doing. However, for most users, it is a good protection against possible harmful programs.

But still it is possible for a malware to install itself on the Mac. How? Well, it might be because of you, the user… The reason is that, as not being aware of how a malware could get onto your Mac or where it would come from, you could allow it by mistake… and yes, you can override Gatekeeper simply.

Indeed, Malwares are usually hiding in software installers that you will download from “unsafe” content like streaming, torrent or even porn websites… Basically you get tricked by those websites to install a video player or anti-malware that, of course, is not necessary…

We’ve even seen a “safe” software, Tranmission, a torrent downloader, infected by a Ransomware a few months ago. Their sharing system was compromised and since Transmission is popular, the malware could spread easily.

However you also have malwares that are very well developed and can bypass security systems. Security systems are never perfect and they will always have security breach discovered one day. Until this breach is discovered and fixed, Black Hat Hackers will be the first to find them and exploit them for their own profit… developing malwares… but do not worry, this is less unlikely.

How to know if my Mac is infected by a malware?

A slow computer is sometimes a Malware Sign, especially at startup. This is also the case if pop-ups are constantly appearing or if the search engine as been changed to one other than Google or Yahoo.

One software that I do recommend is “Malware Bytes – Anti Malware”. This free tool (at the time I write this article) allows you to scan on a regular basis your Mac against malwares.

Which software to use to protect my Mac from malwares?

  1. Avast
  2. Avira
  3. Bitdefender
  4. Norton
  5. Kaspersky
  6. Sophos

you can find here a comparison of all these antivirus.

How to avoid getting infected by malwares on Mac?

I would simply say, do not install softwares that aren’t necessary. The same way you should not open the attachment from an unknown sender.

It is easy to keep your Mac clean as long as you are not too curious and do not use your Mac to download pirate content. If you want to download pirate content, then use another computer that doesn’t have sensible data on it and reset it once in a while to clean it.


Stay safe on Mac, be an aware user and avoid getting that “MacKeeper” thing which is just a scam.

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