What we know about next Macbook 2017

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new Macbook 2017

According to Ming-Chi Kuo an analyst for KGI Securities, a financial services group in the Asia-Pacific region, this year, Apple will include a new range of laptop :  MacBook 2017.

Indeed, in 2016, Apple introduced its new line of laptop, the MacBook Pro 2016: Skylake Intel processors, Polaris graphics cards, more powerful SSDs, Thunderbolt 3 connectors, enhanced Retina screens, enhanced speakers, a butterfly mechanism keyboard and a larger trackpad. However, these MacBooks are criticized : Battery, TouchBar, price judged too expensive. What should push Apple to renew their ranges. So, what change this year ?

First, the beta of MacOS 10.12.4 gives clues about the next Macbook 2017 :

MacBook Pro 13-inch classic dual-core chip:

  • Core i5-6360U 2 GHz (turbo: 3.1 GHz) replaced with the Core i5-7260U 2.2 GHz (turbo: 3.4 GHz);
  • Core i5-6660U 2.4 GHz (Turbo: 3.4 GHz) replaced with the Core i5-7660U 2.5 GHz (Turbo: 4 GHz).

The 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar:

  • Core i5-6267U 2.9 GHz (turbo: 3.3 GHz) replaced with the Core i5-7267U 3.1 GHz (turbo: 3.5 GHz);
  • Core i5-6287U 3.1 GHz (turbo: 3.5 GHz) replaced with the Core i5-7287U 3.3 GHz (turbo: 3.7 GHz);
  • Core i5-6567U 3.3 GHz (turbo: 3.6 GHz) replaced with the Core i5-7567U 3.5 GHz (turbo: 4 GHz).

Then, MacBook Pro 15-inch and their four-core processors:

  • Core i7-6700HQ 2.6 GHz (turbo: 3.5 GHz) replaced with the Core i7-7700HQ 2.8 GHz (turbo: 3.8 GHz);
  • Core i7-6820HQ 2.7 GHz (turbo: 3.6 GHz) replaced with the Core i7-7820HQ 2.9 GHz (turbo: 3.9 GHz);
  • Core i7-6920HQ 2.9 GHz (turbo: 3.8 GHz) replaced with the Core i7-7920HQ 3.1 GHz (turbo: 4.1 GHz).

The MacBook will feature an Apple pencil-compatible trackpad?

Moreover, according to a patent filed by Apple that was recently approved, an upcoming Mac could boast compatibility with Apple’s pencil – Although the Apple pencil featured in the patent is much more advanced than the one on sale right now. The pencil in question has a number of sensors that could detect movement, orientation, depth and, according to the patent, can be used with a Mac as an ‘air mouse’ or perhaps even a joystick.

Then, when will we be likely to see the next generation of MacBook?

At least, we are waiting for the famous WWDC (Worldwide developers conference) to learn more information.The conference will be held from the 5th till the 9th June. Thus, the release date remains unclear but we will probably have to wait until October.

Finally and hopefully, thanks to those updates, the firm may find a way to deliver versions with 32 GB RAM of its new laptops. Read more about it 

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