Mac backup solutions and why it is so important to have one

Mac backup solutions and why it is so important to have one…

Mac External Hard Drives & Mac Backup Solutions

Hard drives are getting bigger everyday for a cheaper price. Therefor we are able to store more and more about our personal stuffs like family pictures, movies and documents on our computer’s storage. But what if they brake, get stolen or lost?!… This has happen to everyone at least once and this is why a backup is a must have for any computer user.


Mac External Hard Drives & Mac Backup Solutions

Time Machine

On Mac, different backup solutions exist but the simplest and most secured one so far is Time Machine.

Time Machine has been integrated to MacOs since Mac Os Leopard (version 10.5) which was released in 2007 (9 years ago).

It has been since improve to be the Mac backup solution.

Time Machine used the incremental backup system which makes a full backup once and then consecutive differential backups. This will allow users to get multiple backups while saving a lot of storage space.

Time Machine is able to make a full backup of your system which allows you to restore the Mac exactly like was at the time you’ve backed it up.

Time Machine backups can be stored on any drive formatted in MacOs using USB, Firewire, Thunderbolt, etc… or even on certain network drives like NAS(check the compatibility with the product).

Third party backup softwares for Mac

Other apps like “Carbon Copy Cloner” and “Super Duper” can also do a great job backing up your Mac but…

These solutions are not free and are more useful in some specific cases like disk cloning.

At “Phuket My Mac” we use them to create backups for our customers since creating a Time Machine doesn’t make sense. Indeed, Time Machine make sense when recovering files a few days/week old. “Carbon Copy Cloner” is perfect at creating disk clone stored in a single archive file.


So which Mac backup solution should you use?

If you can afford it, go for the Apple solution, the “Time Capsule”. It is pretty expensive but worth it if you have more than 2 Macs at your place. These “Time Capsule” support backing up Mac through Wi-Fi which makes it so easy… Allow the Mac once to use the Time Capsule to back itself up and then, each time you will be connected to your Wi-Fi network, the Mac will get backed up automatically.

Some NAS can also provide that same feature for less money but make sure to check the reviews of the product first to avoid any issues.

Other than, the USB3 drives are the cheapest option to back up your Mac. You only will need to remember plugging it to your Mac in order to backed it up. This solution will only suit a Mac and if you have more than one, you might need to get extra drives…

Online Backup for Mac

Many online backup solutions exist but we haven’t tried any yet.

However, Mac Os Sierra came with an updated version of iCloud drive which allows the Mac to sync its Desktop and Document folders on iCloud. This is fairly easy and safe to use however you will have to pay an extra iCloud storage to Apple in order to get these folders backed up since they will obviously exceed the free 5GB that Apple provides with an iCloud account.

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