How to Keep my Mac Safe and Protect my Data

How to Keep my Mac Safe and Protect my Data

How to Keep my Mac Safe and Protect my Data

Is my Mac Safe?!…

Maybe you switched from an infected Windows Pc to your Mac and now cares about how to keep it safe !

What makes it powerful and safe is its integrated Operating system : Mac OS X, successfully designed by Apple to protect efficiently Apple Mac users

Today Mavericks is the last Apple Mac Operating Systems version and we will focus on it in this post. You may know that Mac computers can run Microsoft Windows OS as well as GNU Linux…

You are also responsible for keeping your Mac safe by the way you use it : installing new softwares, browsing unknown websites, downloading  softwares from torrents, opening attached files in mails  etc… may endanger your Mac

How to keep your Mac Safe


  • Keep Mavericks up-to-date

How to Keep my Mac Safe and Protect my Data

Updates combines bug fixes as well as security patchs.  As soon as a security hole is discovered,  Hackers will start creating quickly virus and malwares to jeopardize your system security. At the same time, security patchs will be generated by Apple . Only drawback : Virus may appear first.


  • Download applications from Apple Mac Store only

How to Keep my Mac Safe and Protect my Data

On the Mac App Store, Apple checks ans scans each app available on its store. The best  guarantee they are safe to use. Gatekeeper helps you to protect your Mac from unknown apps that could contain malicious code able to compromise your Data security.  If you need to use an unidentified developer App, you can disregard Gatekeeper but at your own risk


  • Use strong passwords and store them in the (iCloud) Keychain

How to Keep my Mac Safe and Protect my Data

Since Apple use the keychain as a passwords Database for Mac Os X , it has became easier to use strong passwords for Websites and softwares as they are automaticly stored in your Mac. Strong passwords are made of 10 letters/numbers/special characters with uppercase and lowercase, all mixed. Since Mavericks, your keychain can be saved in iCloud which makes it safer to use it. In case of a Data disaster, you will find a backup of it in iCloud.


  • Encrypt your Data using Filevault 2

How to Keep my Mac Safe and Protect my Data

Filevault 2 automatically encrypts and decrypts Data on the fly. Your disk is fully encrypted using the XTS-AES 128 encryption. Filevault 2 protects your Data from being accessed in case your Mac is lost or stolen. Just remember your password (but if forgot, a security key created at setup will enable you to retrieve)


  • Ask for the password at the login screen or after the screen saver begins

How to Keep my Mac Safe and Protect my Data

If you don’t trust people around, it seems necessary to follow  previous advice, enable Filevault 2, and also ask for your user password at login screen or after the screen saver began.


  • Enable iCloud and the “Find my Mac” feature

How to Keep my Mac Safe and Protect my Data

The “Find my Mac” feature gives you the opportunity to find your Mac over the internet if lost or stolen. You can also initiate a remote wipe to delete your personnal Data from your Mac. It can be done once your Mac is connected to Internet


  • Enable the Mavericks Firewall

How to Keep my Mac Safe and Protect my Data

firewall acts as a shield. It analyses all programs, services, and applications on the Web and block access to your Mac to unauthorized connections, preventing from hacker attack. Better always turn on.


  • Do not install every browser plug-ins

How to Keep my Mac Safe and Protect my Data

Be careful when browsing some Websites. You may be asked to install plugins for your Browser (Safari, Firefox, Chrome) which contain unnecessary or dangerous code. Web Browser plugins can change your default homepage but can also be viruses.


  • Don’t get fooled by Phishing

How to Keep my Mac Safe and Protect my Data

We are all possible victims of  Phishing. Browsing the internet or checking emails… soon or later you will receive phishing emails. How to avoid being had : check the “HTTPS Lock” from your favorite browser. It will indicate if the Web Site is trusted and secured. All Websites on which you need to log in use the “HTTPS” protocol to secure the connection. If you don’t get the “HTTPS Lock”, then be careful.


  • Virus infected Torrents

How to Keep my Mac Safe and Protect my Data

Apple Mac softwares downloaded from Torrent are sometimes infected by viruses. Be really careful when downloading these softwares and check the torrent experience feedback from other users before downloading to avoid the worst…

  • Scan your Mac against Adwares and Malwares

As the Apple products’ popularity is growing, malware and adware developers are starting to focus their attention on Mac Os X in general. Therefor, un-experiment users have to be more careful than they used to be a few years ago. Internet is the best way for these guys to spread their unwanted apps and especially torrents or websites allowing us to freely download paid softwares.

However a guy named “Thomas Reed” has developed a useful tool named “Adware Medic” which is a Malware and Adware remover for Mac Os X. You can find this software at and it is free of charge!

You can also visit his website at which is full of new malwares/adwares informations for Mac Os X. Don’t forget to contribute, if you feel so, for his great effort to protect our preferred operating system, where Apple seems so far to be careless…
Thanks Thomas!


Zero risk doesn’t exist and no system is completely safe. Be cautious!

Here above are simple rules to follow to keep your Mac Safe. If not possible, a good anti-virus should be the best solution and a great help.

Even if, sometimes, not Free or slowing down your Mac, this is a prudent choice.

If you need any help to understand these rules, feel free to contact your Apple Mac Service Center in Phuket.

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