Mac Troubleshooting, Repair and Service in Phuket

Mac Troubleshooting, Repair and Service in Phuket

Apple Mac Support, Repair and Service in Phuket

Your Mac doesn’t start anymore, has a flashing folder at boot, had some coffee, coke or liquid spilled on it, has strange lines on the screen, is restarting randomly or has its superdrive not working…

Phuket My Mac fix every Mac Desktop, Laptop and Server issues. From Mac Os X ”Tiger” to “El Capitan“, we troubleshoot, repair and fix every software issues. We also fix every Mac like MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Pro, XServe…

Mac Desktops and Laptops

Apple Mac Support, Repair and Service in Phuket

Usually we can classify your problem in 2 categories :

The first one is that your computer seems unusable, it doesn’t boot or function anymore. In that case, we recommend you to bring it to our office in Phuket. There, we have all the tools to take care of your Mac.

The second one is that it is working partially or not like expected. In that case, moving on-site to check its working environment, unchanged, is the best way to troubleshoot problems. This way is far more efficient and you will not have to worry of which accessories you should have forgot to bring with you.

Here is a good recommendation… Call us before coming to our shop. We will advice you what is the best to do.

Mac Servers

Apple Mac Support, Repair and Service in Phuket

A Server, from Apple or any other company, is the only access point to your informations. If it fails then your production is stopped until you get it working again. It also stores critical datas for which losing them would not be acceptable.

That is why you need to consider to let a professional only manage your Apple Mac Servers.

At Phuket My Mac, we have a 10 years background in managing company Apple Networks, Servers and Desktops.

Give us a call to plan an appointment, so that we can do a courtesy visit to check your Network.

Remote Troubleshooting

Apple Mac Support, Repair and Service in Phuket

We provides remote troubleshooting for Mac Laptops, Desktops and Servers.

We use the Teamviewer software which can give us a remote access to your Mac, if you tell us a code that you, only, can have. We can then temporary control your Mac and save you time if you are stuck with a problem. Once the remote session is finished, the password will changed. This software is safe to use and trusted by many.

For servers, we use OpenSSH service which give us the ability to manage a Mac or Linux Server remotely, even with a poor Network connection. We are really used to it and we can save you a lot of time in case your server is not fully working and you need a quick help.

Small Business

Every needs are different and we know that. We have enough knowledge and experience in the Mac world and in I.T services to be able to listen to you and to propose you new and reliable solutions that will fit your needs.

Contact us, we will go on-site to discuss with you what can be improved in your I.T infrastructure.


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